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My active journal is sailorptah on Dreamwidth. My active blog is erinptah (Humanist + Humorist on Wordpress). Locked personal posts are found on DW; weekly roundups of all the fanworks I've posted around the Internet are on Wordpress. All other content is mirrored between both.

But I'm A Cat Person is a webcomic about magical shifting battle monsters and the humans who are just trying to get on with their lives. Updates M-W-F, with periodic contests and freebies mixed in. Check it out. And don't miss the archives of And Shine Heaven Now, the world's second-most-popular Hellsing-related comic.

Other places I update regularly are ptahrrific@DW (fanfiction and mixes), sailorptah@dA ([fan]art), and F@#k Yeah, Iambic Pentameter @ tumblr (rhymes, memes, and miscellaneous reblogs). You can keep up with all of the above via Facebook as well.

Signal boost.

LJ is planning to make the "gender" field mandatory on account creation, and to remove the "unspecified" option. Which means that, starting soon, LJ users get to be either Male or Female, with no ability to opt out of the choice altogether.

If you are trans/genderqueer, or have trans/genderqueer friends, or think the concerns of trans/genderqueer people are more important than LJ's desire to better target its ads...follow the link for easy ways to register your displeasure with LJ.

And as usual, if anyone wants 'em, I have Dreamwidth invites to hand out.

Moving day.

So I'm in the process of moving to Dreamwidth.

Why? (Other than "all the cool kids are doing it", of course.)

Because there are all sorts of marvelous features. My favorites are detailed here.

Because, in addition to all its other increasing and well-documented issues, LiveJournal these days accepts crazy homophobic advertisers.

Because interrelation is easy. With the push of a button you can import your whole LJ, including comments, rather than having to start from scratch. LJ users can comment with OpenID on DW entries, and vice versa. You can have DW automatically crosspost to accounts on LJ and any of its various clones - and, if you go back and edit the DW post, it'll edit the others as well.

Because I've been waiting for a service like this one to come along for years.

In 2004, long before the cool kids were talking about leaving LJ, I went looking for an alternative. The one I found was GreatestJournal. In 2007, a traffic influx (thanks to Strikethrough '07) fried GreatestJournal's servers, and some time recently the site disappeared altogether. I didn't get backups.

I have a WordPress blog, but it isn't the same. From communities to flists to comment threads, LJ and its clones are just better at fostering interaction. So I've been watching every alternative (JournalFen, InsaneJournal, DeadJournal, Scriblit, and on and on...), looking for something that has that kind of organization, but with involved founders. Something with a reason for existence beyond "making money" or "not being LJ". Something, in other words, that I trust not to go the way of GJ.

And you know what? I trust Dreamwidth.

All of which is a lead-up to: I have invite codes to hand out! Comment if you want one, and I'll send a PM your way.

(You need a code to get an account. They're doing this to manage their growth, keeping traffic at a level that won't, uh, fry their servers. You see why I like these people?)

RaceFail '09 mix: but don't talk about revolution

I was going to write some background RaceFail So Far for the parts of the flist who haven't heard the story, but this is a much better intro than I would have written, covering the whole thing from the beginning, and this is a much better explanation of why it matters, and this is a much better cover of all the proactive things you can do about it.

So I made a mix instead.

If nothing else, get yourself up to speed so you know what the songs are about.

Cover image is from this article.

( Now watch what you say, or they'll be calling you a radical )